• MobileData Values #1: Professionalism
Established in 2007, MobileData is a South African based technology company that develops TradeSwitch®, a next generation service delivery platform. A team of industry veterans, who brought solid card payment experience and virtual product distribution knowledge with them, was handpicked to lay the foundations. Valuable industry lessons learned and experiences in countries, including South Africa and Nigeria, led to the purpose design of TradeSwitch®. The philosophy behind TradeSwitch® is bringing the product and service providers closer to their customers by giving them total control and realtime insights into their entire distribution chain.

Today MobileData is a technology partner to all the major mobile networks in South Africa. MobileData also offers TradeSwitch® to selected prepaid product distributors and service providers across the telecommunication, utility and financial sectors internationally. One of MobileData’s unique differentiators is the fact that the primary focus isn’t on winning, but rather to establish a prepaid ecosystem of products and services where everyone wins - even the consumer...

MobileData joins Nation Builder


MobileData is a level 3 contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE).

We are also proud to announce that MobileData has Joined Nation Builder, in an effort to strengthen South-Africa, its people, and the underlying corporate and social structures that support our beautiful country.