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Leadership Team

André is the chief executive officer of MobileData and responsible for driving the strategic direction of MobileData within the payment and prepaid distribution market segments. He has more than 20 years industry experience and exclusively focused on strategic management and strategy implementation over the last 15 years. André has acquired certified qualifications in software engineering, project management, business analysis, balanced scorecard implementation and various business focused courses. André completed his MBA (GIBS, University of Pretoria) in 2009 and combined with his strong technical background is well equipped to transform technical solutions into commercial business successes.

André has gained valuable experience in the following relevant areas of electronic value redemption platforms and prepaid token distribution solutions, electronic and card payment transacting, mobile commerce solutions, mobile wallet and mobile merchant solutions, electronic ticketing, prepaid airtime, prepaid electricity, electronic ticketing, prepaid funeral cover and various prepaid insurance product distribution solutions, mobile money transfer and bill payments solutions.

He believes technology is key to operational efficiency and future profitability which can be achieved by decreasing time-to-market and automating business processes through the adoption of new era technology such as the current smart mobile devices.

Eddie Carpenter obtained his Bachelor of Informatics from the University of Pretoria in 1999, followed by an Honors degree in Informatics in 2004. In 2008 the University of Pretoria awarded Eddie a Master of Information Technology degree. His Master’s degree research questioned whether the PHP language was enterprise ready by comparing it to the Java language. During the research he concluded that PHP was not yet ready and found that Java out performed PHP in all aspects measured.

Eddie started his working career at the South African Reserve Bank as a mainframe operator whilst working towards his Informatics diploma after hours. During his time at the bank Eddie was exposed to all the different IT operational aspects like operating large IT systems, disaster recovery planning and by the time he left the bank in 1993 progressed to a system developer position.

Eddie joined Total SA as a System Programmer on their mainframe but shortly thereafter made a career change by moving away from mainframes into a programming career on PC's and joined a small IT company called WISE.

In October of 1996 he co-founded IT Experts who initially provided software development services to ICL/Natech on EFTPOS banking devices. In 2003 IT Experts started working on a real-time transaction product called TAMS where Eddie fulfilled the role of the system architect. TAMS was deployed in Nigeria where IT Experts helped develop the EFT acquiring industry in Nigeria.

In 2006 IT Experts were sold to Blue Label Telecoms who purchased the company specifically for their transactional systems and expertise. During his time at IT Experts Eddie became an expert on real-time transactional processing solutions specifically in financial and value added transactions, and gained a wealth of business.

Eddie and Infotech co-founded MobileData in November 2008, using his Business and Management experience together with his huge domain knowledge Eddie architected a new product called TradeSwitch®.

MobileData’s ICT Manager Pierre Malan truly embodies the spirit and quality that drives a progressive tech company.
Having acquired and developed critical skill sets, including that which covers Linux infrastructure, virtualisation and load balancing for VoIP SIP solutions, Pierre is directly responsible for applying his skills and assisting clients with reliable support.

His background includes high level projects to transform and support critical environments, running off core architecture like SAP and Linux, and he continues to exemplify the technical superiority that MobileData offers its clients.

Pierre welcomes the challenges that come with his portfolio as head of the technology acquisition and application strategy, resource management and integration.

His passion is to see projects from inception to completion, and provide its extensive client base.

Francois joined MobileData in 2008 and worked his way up from project manager to Key Account Manager. He matriculated in 1991 in Cape Town and continued his education at the University of Cape Town where he obtained 2 International ETA diplomas. In 1996 Francois moved to Gauteng where he continued his studies in development technologies like MCSD. He obtained valuable technical experience as database administrator and software developer during 1999 tot 2007.

Francois leveraged his technical capabilities by combining solid experience in information systems with a project management diploma obtained at the University of Pretoria. His project management portfolio includes projects for blue chip companies such as Mercedes South Africa, Toyota, Dell, Enermatics Energy and Infotech. Currently Francois oversees the MobileData enterprise customers such as Virgin Mobile, Neotel and Vodacom SA.

With more than 20 years experience in Software Development. Hannes has a true passion for technology (Electronics and Software). He started his studies with Electronic Engineering, but changed direction after he discovered an even greater passion for software. He then went on to complete his B.SC degree in 1996. Ever since, he has involved himself in utilising engineering software to solve business problems. Over the years Hannes has learned what it entails to develop, deliver and support software products in C/C++, C#, PHP and JAVA. He is not bound by any programming language and sees this as only a tool to deliver the solutions. But, he pays particular attention to the skills of developing quality product addressing the customer’s requirements in an acceptable time frame.

Izelle joined MobileData in 2014 as Business Development Manager.

She started her career in 1994 in sales and before the age of 20 became the youngest branch manager for a national retail chain group.

Izelle’s career path has led her through various industries, including technology and telecommunications, with blue chip companies such as Dimension Data and Telkom amongst others.

As an entrepreneur, Izelle has more than 15 years experience in managing her own company and running a highly effective team. Innovation and passion are her two primary driving forces and her positive “can-do" attitude is infectious. She has a highly focused and result driven management style and holds a very high expectation of herself and those working with her.