Prepaid Quality in Motion – the MobileData story

- The advent of mobile technology, the pervasive influence of app development and integration, as well as the data consumption and the growing significance of cloud computing and social media has, collectively, impacted on the transactional and payment distribution technology, related business processes. A South African technology solutions company has emerged to assist Mobile Network Operators to take advantage of opportunities, while also serving to empower businesses with technology that enhances their operations.

MobileData is an international technology solutions provider that specialises in the development and rollout of quality, innovative solutions to meet the transactional requirements of a rapidly expanding customer base. The business is focused on two fast-growth market segments, namely Payment Facilitation and Prepaid Electronic Value Distribution.

Payment Facilitation and Prepaid Electronic Value or Token Distribution is on a growth path, claims the executive leadership at MobileData. They point to escalating interest in technology areas such as electronic value redemption platforms, prepaid token distribution solutions, electronic and card payment transacting, as well as mobile commerce solutions, mobile wallet and mobile merchant solutions.

These segments cover electronic ticketing, prepaid airtime, prepaid electricity, prepaid funeral cover and various prepaid insurance product distribution solutions, mobile money transfer and bill payments solutions.

“It is a solution rich environment,” says André Louw, CEO of MobileData. “The transaction and payment platform and distribution space is arguably one of the fastest growing areas in ICT today, fuelled by the increased demand by consumers for the convenience and accessibility of mobile channels through which to transact.”

MobileData is positioned to help businesses acquire and apply solutions that offer the advantages associated with next generation mobile or smart device capabilities.

“Our role is to serve as the preferred technology solutions provider for businesses and offer not only quality, innovative technology, but also support and advise our clients in terms of their approach to payment and prepaid transactional infrastructure, systems and services,” Louw continues.

The rise of MobileData

Management at MobileData have worked hard to establish a business that truly reflects what can be achieved by effectively combining innovative technology with a passionate workforce.

The company places a premium on skills, knowledge, service quality and the role that technology plays in everyday life.

Leadership is viewed upon as being integral to the sustainability and market position of the business. To this end MobileData has invested in key skillsets to develop, direct and sustain the Company.

Louw has more than 20 years experience in the software development, payment and prepaid industry exclusively focused on strategic management and implementation over the past 15 years. He has acquired certified qualifications in software engineering, project management, business analysis, balanced scorecard implementation and various business focussed courses.

Eddie Carpenter is the CTO of MobileData. He has over 20 years experience in IT and software development in the telecommunication and banking arena.

Hendrik Botha is the Financial Officer of MobileData. During his accounting articles, Botha gained valuable experience in all accounting and related functions. He oversees all accounting aspects for the Company.

Other key personnel include Hannes Helberg (Development Manager), Yvette Wilms (HR Manager), Francois Engelbrecht (Projects and Key Account Manager), Willem Scholtz (Business Analyst and Product Manager), Jacques de Jager (ICT Manager) and Syson Kunda (Training and Support Manager).

The MobileData team proactively manages all aspects of business from new business development, product development, TradeSwitch® integration, customisation, implementation and deployment for new customers as well as training and customer support.

MobileData’s offer of merchant centric corporate services through TradeSwitch® is backed up by the MobileData Helpdesk function with a pool of skilled and fully trained personnel who are always available to train and give support.

As a premier international technology services provider, we place a premium on service quality where innovation, integrity, passion and quality form part of MobileData’s value proposition.

A switch in time…

MobileData is the company that brings together virtual product distribution, mobile transaction services and the relevant service providers. It is behind the establishment of an ecosystem that gives the consumer access to a wide variety of products and services.

The Company’s flagship Service Delivery Platform, TradeSwitch®, enables customers across Africa to deliver reliable services to clients irrespective of location. TradeSwitch® is a comprehensive virtual service and product delivery platform which is used to deliver solutions for customers via the Cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS) basis.

TradeSwitch® consists of a number of Components and Core Services that includes Connectivity, Value Chain Management, Billing Services, Reporting Services and SmartWallet. Mobile Network Operators are offered a range of services that include airtime management, PINless or Direct Recharge, Online Bulk Sales Portal and Emergency Airtime solution.

The philosophy behind TradeSwitch® is all about bringing the consumer closer to the service provider and giving the service provider real-time insights and control over their full distribution chain with dashboards, geo-aware reporting and realtime business intelligence - all from the same secure, web-based, console.

Service providers, wholesalers, retailers, financial service providers and consumers are linked through integration into TradeSwitch®. It enables trading on a wide range of mobile POS and smart devices that utilises web services to switch transactions via connectors to independent service providers, wholesalers and financial service providers respectively.

TradeSwitch® adheres to internationally established security standards and protocols, including ISO 8583, HTTPS, EMV and PCI-DSS to ensure a totally secure end-to-end solution.

This enterprise solution provides several core services including full value chain integration of stakeholder systems, billing automation and business intelligence. Its web services allow connections to Point of Sale (POS) terminals, touch screens, smart phones, smart devices and the Internet.

“Our offering is comprehensive and speaks to the everyday requirements that users have in terms of transaction and fiscal management, utilising the latest in technology, mobility and data management,” Louw adds. “We anticipate strong growth in the prepaid and payment distribution market because of the strong response from the financial, utility and telecommunication sectors. MobileData aims to lead from the front in this competitive space.”

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