The power of collaboration

By André Louw, MD of MobileData

When the time comes to refresh the values of an organisation, companies can take any number of approaches. At MobileData, we decided to embrace the fact that we are a proudly South African organisation with passionate employees. This would form the cornerstone of driving our new values.

The five key organisational values; professionalism, quality, innovation, integrity, and passion were aligned to various elements that are unique to Africa – its animals, birds, trees, rivers, and mountains.

Linking the values to these various elements, we felt it essential to get everybody in the organisation involved. Using a number of communication platforms, we asked each employee what each of the values meant to them both professionally and personally.

This collaborative approach was integral to the success of the campaign and ensured we received buy-in from the entire organisation. While a top-down approach has merits on certain aspects of a business, it was designed to harness the passion of all our employees and develop something that we could all have pride in.

Even though the process was very time-intensive, MobileData utilised the feedback it was receiving from employees and integrated it into the final five value statements.

Professionalism. Just as African wild animals are skilful, diligent, and committed, so too is MobileData passionate about going the extra mile for its customers. The company takes full responsibility for its work and always acts in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Quality. The trees of Africa are known for their resilience and persistence in surviving where others would fail. This efficiency message carries across to MobileData that is focused on delivering reliable solutions to customers that are not only of superior quality but cost-effective as well.

Innovation. In Africa, water will always find a way. We see it countless times through the African rivers that are creative, inventive, and enduring to sustain life. Similarly, as a technology partner MobileData understands the importance of finding innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of its customers.

Integrity. What better icon to use to represent integrity than the incorruptible and steadfast African mountains? MobileData understands the ethical magnitude of its actions and is governed by rules and principles that do not compromise on truthfulness and always being accountable to the brand promise.

Passion. The final value is illustrated through African birds who are bold, enthusiastic, and loyal. The MobileData approach reflects the importance of focusing energy to provide customers with the competitive advantage. The organisation is committed to undertaking its tasks with pride and enthusiasm.

We have ‘reserved’ a very special value, ‘Fun’, for last and intend to vitalise our culture and staff morale with this necessary element and to stimulate an energised work environment.

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