Functionality, access at the heart of monetising mobile

Enterprise apps are a primary focus for entrepreneurs who are all too aware of the growth within the lucrative mobile development market. At the same time users have placed a premium on easy and instant access to critical information, a prerequisite for any aspiring service provider or developer.

This is a synopsis of South Africa’s mobile industry according to Hannes Helberg, Head of Development at MobileData, an established technology service provider focused on payment facilitation and prepaid electronic value distribution.

Helberg says the local market is undergoing transformation and part of this is mixed results for those looking to tailor app offerings at a demanding, consumer-driven market.

“Everybody seems to be trying to get onto mobile apps, but not everybody is achieving success. Social Media and banking apps seem to be the most popular trend at the moment. There are also a few Community based applications providing easy access to security and emergency services,” says Helberg.

According to MobileData it is the payments sector that is gaining the momentum and is characterised by the contribution and activity of the likes of Snapscan and Zapper.

But Helberg is reluctant to single out an ‘all-star app’ and says one should rather look at the innovative solution, with the financial services arena reflecting substantial innovation.

“Our banks are using the capabilities of the new (innovative smartphones) to extend banking facilities, like geo-pay and cashless withdrawal from FNB. The Snapscan and Zapper apps make it easy to pay someone, without your card present. All these apps solve the pain of having your card with you, and make it easy to pay someone,” Helberg continues.

MobileData is adamant that any solution will be all but stagnant if they do not immediately solve a problem and remain consistently relevant.

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