Core Components: Billing Services

Automated billing, invoice management and financial system integration

Billing and Invoice Management

TradeSwitch® can be configured to act as a sub-ledger which co-exists with any existing financial system. Integration between TradeSwitch® and other financial systems varies from a daily ledger import to a real-time database synchronisation between systems.

TradeSwitch® has a built-in scheduler which enables the automation of billing and invoice generation as well as direct email distribution to customers according to defined business rules.

TradeSwitch® also has a highly configurable charge engine which allows automated service fee definition and management according to predefined business rules.

The TradeSwitch® billing component caters for flexible accounting periods and will calculate the age analysis reflected on statements as configured for each customer.

TradeSwitch® supports multiple invoicing models such as:

  • Invoice on order
  • Invoice on delivery
  • Invoice on sale
  • Invoice on activation