PIN Management

TradeSwitch® PIN generator

The TradeSwitch® PIN generator was designed and developed for fast, reliable and secure generation of high volumes of virtual vouchers. The TradeSwitch® PIN Generator, dependent on the hardware solution, can generate 1000 PINs per second over a pool of 100 million vouchers. These vouchers can be allocated to a variety of voucher pools, which you prescribe. The vouchers can be generated with numeric only and alphanumeric serial numbers and PINs with variable lengths on both.

TradeSwitch® also have a redemption platform that can be used to redeem vouchers generated and distributed by TradeSwitch® - allowing customers to unlock the value of the vouchers that they have purchased. Redemption can be facilitated by USSD (only GSM networks), SMS, IVR and via a SOAP web service. The most recent innovative addition to the already efficient module of TradeSwitch® is the Smartphone Mobile Application.