Starterpack Management

TradeSwitch® provides a starterpack management module that can be used to import ICCIDs into TradeSwitch® and in the same way as the vouchers, supports the full lifecycle of the starter pack. Traders, with a registered device, can RICA starterpacks.

The TradeSwitch® RICA platform allows the RICA of starterpacks of all the mobile network in South Africa. You may restrict this functionality to only starter packs that have been imported by the channel.

Once the connection and activation files are available, it can be imported to expand the starterpack history. This can then be used to calculate and allocate activation bonuses; incentive bonuses and on-going revenue based on starterpack activations.

Given the MSISDN associated with the ICCID, TradeSwitch® can even report on the recharge that were done for the involved starterpack. This gives you insights into the behaviour and loyalty of subscribers, enabling you to develop advanced strategies to reduce churn and increase ARPU.