The TradeSwitch® Platform

The TradeSwitch<sup>®</sup> Platform

PCI-DSS version 3 certification

TradeSwitch® is a next generation prepaid product distribution management and card payment enterprise solution, developed by MobileData. The philosophy behind TradeSwitch® is bringing the virtual product and service providers closer to their customers, by giving them total control and realtime insights into their entire distribution chain.
Prepaid product and services are a growing global phenomenon. Virtual product and service providers in the telecommunication, utility and financial sectors are looking to use prepaid technology solutions to reach consumers previously inaccessible. TradeSwitch® can be deployed for mobile networks, virtual product distributors, wholesalers and retailers, banks and many other businesses.

MobileData is one of the first companies in the world to achieve PCI-DSS version 3 certification.

TradeSwitch® Online Transaction Processor

The TradeSwitch® OLTP enables trading on devices that includes mobile phones, 3rd party systems and EFT / POS devices by using connectors to mobile networks, prepaid utility providers, banks and any other product or service provider. Transaction flows and rules are defined in the TradeSwitch® OLTP and can be configured to meet specific business needs and standards.

TradeSwitch® Backoffice

The TradeSwitch® Backoffice is accessible through a web interface.

Distribution Chain Management
TradeSwitch® uses a hierarchical structure to map your distribution chain, with your organisation or business unit at the top. The distribution chain is then built with dynamic node types to replicate your actual business structure perfectly. Whether you use wholesalers, merchants, dealers or traders, agents or foot soldiers, it doesn’t make a difference to TradeSwitch®.

Mobile Service Management
TradeSwitch® can connect to any USSD gateway or SMSC. This feature enables MobileData’s customer to define custom menus and includes the configuration of the TradeSwitch® Mobile Phone Application.

Product Management
TradeSwitch® caters for a variety of products including pre-defined virtual products (PIN based), direct recharges (PINless), prepaid electricity, prepaid insurance, starterpacks, etc. Standard and custom deals can be defined for the every node in the distribution chain.

Voucher Management
TradeSwitch® supports the full lifecycle of a voucher, from the generation or the import of the voucher up to the redemption of that voucher. The TradeSwitch® PIN generator was designed and developed for fast, reliable and secure generation of high volumes of virtual vouchers. Redemption can be facilitated by USSD (only GSM networks), SMS, IVR and via a SOAP web service.

Starterpack Management
TradeSwitch® supports the full lifecycle of a starterpack, including starterpack sales and RICA. This feature includes activation bonuses and on-going revenue payments.


Automated Billing and Invoicing
TradeSwitch® automatically generates and sends out statements based on the configured payment terms.

Financial System Integration
TradeSwitch® assumes the sales ledger function and can be exported or integrated into any existing financial system such as SAP, Oracle Financials or ACCPAC.

Collections and Settlements
TradeSwitch® can collect money from a bank account just-in-time to enable a transaction and process bank deposit files automatically from a FTP folder. Settlements can be made directly into a bank account or various other prepaid debit card and loyalty solutions.

TradeSwitch® automatically reconciles at system level, transaction level and financial level, in batch or realtime.

Advanced Reporting
Standard reports include technical, operational, financial and management reports. Advanced reporting include location based reports. TradeSwitch® has a built-in, web-based business intelligence engine that enables near realtime business trend analysis of sales and distribution information. The operational and management dashboards are fully customisable.