Who can benefit

Prepaid Service Providers

MobileData offers Prepaid Service Providers a value added competitive advantage when using TradeSwitch® services such as:

  • Prepaid Voucher Management and Smart Prepaid Voucher Services, varying from our propriety PIN Generator & Redemption platform to Virtual Airtime solutions and a fully integrated Voucher Distribution solution.
  • Full Distribution Value Chain integration which includes all stakeholder systems such as MNO, banking network, retailer and bulk or wholesale distributor systems all the way to consumer touch points including the Internet, Touch Screen Kiosks, Point of Sale devices and smartphones.
  • TradeSwitch® takes care of all your billing headaches by automating invoice and statement distribution through scheduled emails. TradeSwitch® can also be integrated or synchronised with the Prepaid Service Provider’s own financial system.
  • TradeSwitch® has a built-in, web based, slice-and-dice business intelligence engine that enables near real-time business trend analysis of sales and distribution information.

Prepaid Distributors

MobileData offers Prepaid Distributors a turnkey voucher management component which allows for complete tracking and monitoring of all three generations of prepaid voucher distribution throughout the Distribution Value Chain.

Prepaid Distributors have access to realtime information that allows them to control the price plan of products and validate commission payable.

By using the MobileData Online Bulk Sales solution, Prepaid Distributors can automate their complete sales process online. The complete sales process is self-managed leaving the customer in control of the purchase process at times suited to them.

Prepaid Eco System

Eco Prepaid System

The Prepaid Ecosystem consists of a community of living organisms that comprise of the companies and individuals, which produce, distribute, vend and consume the non-living components, i.e. virtual products like prepaid airtime, prepaid electricity, etc. In the global Prepaid Ecosystem there is an ever-growing population of consumers that consumes a growing supply of prepaid goods and services. In a study, MasterCard found that the prepaid market would grow more than 22% per annum over the next five years. This study also projects a global prepaid opportunity of over $822 billion by 2017.

As with natural ecosystems, diversity and balance is the key to a sustainable ecosystem. If the Prepaid Ecosystem is rich in the variety of prepaid goods and services, there will be a higher rate of interaction between the different players in the ecosystem. This inevitably leads to a higher flow of goods and services to the consumer and a higher flow of money to the producer.

TradeSwitch® enables Prepaid Ecosystems by fast integrations into producers of virtual products and services. Connectors can rapidly be developed to mobile networks, utility providers, banks, insurance companies and various other producers of virtual goods and services. TradeSwitch® brings all these goods and services together in order to enhance the Prepaid Ecosystem’s diversity and thereby stimulating and encouraging interaction within the ecosystem.

The TradeSwitch® Node Management component is used to map out the complete distribution chain, from beginning to the end and consists of distributors and vendors of virtual products and services. These may include mobile network, retail distributors, banks, independent merchants and distributors as well as other distributors and vendors. The TradeSwitch® Node Management component has an extensive offering of features like the management of billing periods, credit, stock levels and dealsheets (which are used to configure the commissions, discounts, charges and bonuses).

TradeSwitch® can also be used, by consumers, to purchase the required products or pay for the applicable services. It includes features like cash payments and deposits, the TradeSwitch® Wallet, the TradeSwitch® Prepaid Debit Card, the TradeSwitch® Smart Phone application and USSD transacting. These consumer services make it easy and convenient for consumers to get access to virtual goods and services in the palm of their hands.

TradeSwitch® manages the Prepaid Ecosystem holistically and caters for the needs of every player. It is the only stand-alone platform that can manage such a solution.

Mobile Network Operators

TradeSwitch® is a single virtual product distribution platform that allows mobile networks (MNO) to effectively manage their vouchers, starter packs and distribution channels. It also offers extensive reporting for the day-to-day business operations as well as strategic and management roles.

This platform has a full voucher PIN generator and vault that allows the mobile network to generate and store a huge volume of PINs and this is done securely and without duplication. If a PIN was generated on TradeSwitch®, it can also be redeemed on TradeSwitch®. To redeem a PIN, a consumer can use the interactive voice response service (IVR), USSD interface, TradeSwitch® Smart Phone Application or even a SMS.

The distribution of vouchers is managed by means of the TradeSwitch® Node Management component. It can be used to map out the complete distribution chain, from beginning to end but consists, at least, of all the mobile network’s direct distributors. This component has an extensive offering of features like the management of billing periods, credit, stock levels and dealsheets (which are used to configure the commissions, discounts, charges, on-going revenue and bonuses).

TradeSwitch® offers a Starter Pack management component, which allows the mobile network to assign the starter packs to a specific distributor, who may assign it down it’s own distribution chain. A vendor may use the USSD interface or the TradeSwitch® Smart Phone application to sell and RICA starter packs. This component accurately calculates and assigns activation bonuses and on-going revenue to distributors as well as the vendors who sold these starter packs. This gives the mobile network the ability to assure that the payment is made to the intended person and to manage their reputation in the market.

The USSD interface and TradeSwitch® Smart Phone application enables the mobile network operator to roll out an informal distribution strategy. Such a strategy can increase the penetration of their products and services into rural areas, which were previously inaccessible. It also can be utilised to create jobs in rural communities and fulfil their social upliftment promises.

TradeSwitch® offers an extensive list of operational, managerial and location based reports. These reports provide in-depth and almost realtime insights into the mobile network’s distribution chain and performance – making it easy to adapt a proactive market strategy.

TradeSwitch® brings all these solutions, and more, to mobile networks in a single seamless platform. With the TradeSwitch® Online Transaction Processor (OLTP), TradeSwitch® Backoffice and TradeSwitch® Core Components a mobile network doesn’t need any other system for their complete virtual product generation, distribution and redemption solution.