MobileData to transform Africa’s Mobile transactions with Cloud-Based TradeSwitch®

DATE:  06 JANUARY 2015

MobileData to transform Africa’s Mobile transactions with Cloud-Based TradeSwitch® Global South African-based payment facilitation and token distribution technology solutions provider MobileData introduces TradeSwitch® to the continent, a service delivery platform that enables smart service delivery, mobile device management and business process automation. The solution is ideally positioned to enable customers across Africa to deliver reliable, cloud-based services to clients, regardless of location.

TradeSwitch® links all role players within the financial transaction value supply chain within the broader payment facilitation market, including service providers, wholesalers, retailers, financial service providers and consumers. The end-to-end transaction switching and device management solution offers a multi-level node structure which can be used to simulate and organise the actual distribution value chain.

“The value proposition to clients is the ability to set up merchant accounts with custom product definitions, price plans and commission structure. The channel owner also has the ability to suspend merchant accounts when issues such as fraud, or non-payment arise,” says Andre Louw, CEO at MobileData.

Part of this enhanced transaction ecosystem management capability involves optimised billing and invoice management. The TradeSwitch® scheduler ensures billing are taken care of with automated invoice and statement generation and email distribution at predefined intervals customised for each customer.

TradeSwitch® can be configured to serve as a sub-ledger that co-exists with any existing financial system, such as Softline Pastel, Oracle Financials or SAP.

“We are proud of the fact that the solution supports multiple invoicing models, including invoice on order, invoice on delivery, on sale or on activation,” Louw continues.

Knowledge is power

MobileData has taken cognisance of the increasing significance of data analytics, business intelligence and the direct link to strategy development.

The Company has incorporated a reporting engine into TradeSwitch® which includes a range of technical, operational and financial reports. The engine features a web-based business intelligence tool that enables business trend analysis in real-time.

“We have focused on the realisation and establishment of a smart ecosystem that works off integrated, holistic and feature-rich technology. Smart devices are at the core of this ecosystem, hence the development of SmartWallet which consists of one or more accounts that can be independently accessed by or linked to specific service providers,” says Louw.

Additional value-add components of the solution include the TradeSwitch® PIN Generator and Redemption component, TradeSwitch® Direct Recharge and Online Bulk Sales portal.

Louw believes this comprehensive offering will add immediate and lasting value within the electronic value distribution and mobile transaction payment space in Africa, with a specific focus on regions like Nigeria where mobile adoption rates have escalated and are continually being converged with business to consumer transactions and personal financial solutions.

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